Do Belly Dancers Really Need All That Clothing And Jewelry?

A lot of women take up the art of belly dancing because it's a great cardio workout and makes them feel beautiful doing it (which isn't something you can usually say about jogging). But what's the purpose of all that special clothing and jewelry that belly dancers wear? Is any of it really necessary?

Decorating The Hips With Scarves And Coins

Many belly dancers, even beginners, start out with a scarf around their hips that's either fringed or decorated with small, light coins. These have a specific purpose that not only enhances your dance moves but helps you figure out if you're learning the basic staccato hip moves, like the hip thrust, and the rolling hip moves, like the hip circle and figure eight. The flowing scarf brings emphasis to the hip area and the movement of the coins or fringe helps you see if you are keeping your hips going in the right direction. 

Enhancing The Waist With Belly Chains

One of the hardest tricks to learn when belly dancing is to separate your rib cage movements from your hip movements. The belly chain helps draw emphasis to the undulations of your waist as you move your stomach muscles in and out and learn harder moves like the horizontal ribcage circle.

Emphasizing The Hands And Feet With Chains And Rings

The hands and feet are part of a belly dancer's tools as well. While feet stay fairly still, a little glitter around the ankles and chains leading to toe rings can make a costume more complete without interfering with the belly dancer's routine. Finger and hand jewelry, however, are nearly essential in order to bring emphasis to the specific hand motions that help enhance the dance. Bracelet/ring combos, where the two are attached by chains over the back of the hand, help guide the eyes of the viewer when you are undulating your hands, fluttering them, or moving them in the inward and outward lotus motions.

Adding Flowing Clothing And Veils

Flowing skirts, harem pants, and loosely flowing sleeves are somewhat iconic images for belly dancers, but they also have the purpose of providing freedom of movement and helping emphasize the art of each move. A veil can be pulled off to be used as a way to emphasize the unique way that belly dancers separate upper-body and lower-body motions by yanking it the direction your hips are moving away from your waist.

Putting together a belly dancing costume takes time and patience because you want to start with the small accessories that can help you pick out your own movements as you learn and emphasize the grace and beauty of the dance. You can gradually add to the piece as you go so that you have an ensemble that makes you feel as beautiful as you look when you're dancing. 

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