3 Gift Ideas For The Style-Driven Teen Who Seems To Have Everything

Finding a gift for the style-driven teen who already seems to have everything she wants can be a challenge. You can simply give her a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store, but this option is quite impersonal. If you're looking to surprise your teen with a thoughtful gift, the following three options are sure to do the trick:

House of Harlow Jewelry

Help your teen expand their jewelry collection with a House of Harlow necklace or earrings. This unique jewelry line features multi-layered pieces, beautiful stones and gems, as well as high quality metals that will ensure that your teen can use the piece you gift them for many years to come. House of Harlow jewelry is unique and sophisticated, offering your teen the chance to create a bold look when paired with their favorite outfits and accessories. You can score a piece of House of Harlow jewelry for less than a hundred dollars, so you don't have to break the bank in order to provide your teen with their first "grown up" necklace or pair of earrings.

Tickets to a Fashion Show

Celebrate your teen's special occasion by getting her tickets to a fashion show. Check with local stylists and clothing outlets in your area to see if they know of any upcoming fashion shows to attend, or plan a trip to Los Angeles or New York to attend a big fashion show there. Fashion events are produced year-round throughout the United States so you should be able to find one that features the styles and designs that your teen is interested in. Make the occasion special by renting a limo for the event and making reservations at a high-end restaurant for after the fashion show. Let her pick out a new dress to wear to the fashion show, and your teen is sure to feel like royalty the entire evening.

A Day at the Salon

Gifting your teen with a day at the salon will give them an opportunity to update her overall look and style while working with a professional that can provide her with guidance and tips along the way. Splurge for a haircut and styling session, a manicure, and even a facial. At the end of the day, your teen will feel pampered and stylish. Consider spending the day at the salon with your teen – the occasion will give you a great opportunity to bond.

Any one of these gift ideas are sure to be a hit on their own. But if you really want to win your teen over, consider combining them all as a package gift.  

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