How To Get The Most From Your Pawn Loan

When you take an item to the pawn shop, you'll naturally want to get the most money possible for the item being pawned. These tips will help you get a loan for the largest sum possible.

Choose the Right Item to Pawn

Pawn shops will accept a wide range of items, but often have a preference for items that have specific qualities. Items that are of high value and are in good condition are always best. In addition, pawn shops like items that are easy to store and desired by large numbers of consumers. Dated items, off-brand items and fixer-upper items are of less value to pawn shops. When picking out items from your closet to pawn, look for small, valuable objects like jewelry and watches.

Learn the Art of Negotiation

When the pawn broker makes an offer, you don't have to accept it as final. If the offer is not what you were hoping for or expected, make a counter offer. The broker may counter your offer, then you can counter again. This kind of back and forth is expected in many pawn shops.

Find Out the Value of Your Item

Knowing the value of your item before going into the pawn shop will give you a point of reference for the negotiation process. You can find out this information by having the item appraised.

While it's unlikely that you'll be able to get the full value for the item you're hoping to pawn (because the pawn broker won't want to buy anything for the same price that it would sell for), knowing how much your items are worth will help make your negotiation go more smoothly.

Take the Item to a Specialty Pawn Shop

Some pawn shops specialize in the sale of certain types of items, like jewelry, musical instruments, rare coins and others. Taking your item to a pawn shop that specializes in the sale of that type of item may get you more money for the item because the pawn shop may find it easier to sell your item later. This is especially true of products that cater to a unique audience, like rare coins.

Clean the Object Before Taking It In

Whether you're selling a power tool or a piece of jewelry, it's always a good idea to present your item in the best light possible. Cleaning it before bringing it to the pawn shop will help the pawn broker see the object for its worth.

Following these tips, you should be able to get the most money possible for the object you're pawning. For more information about getting a pawn loan, contact a pawn shop in your area like Sol's Jewelry and Pawn.

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