Tips To Sell Your Handmade Jewelry Pieces Online

You may be a talented jewelry maker who has his or her own signature that no one else can duplicate, making your pieces one of a kind and desirable of those who love handmade jewelry.

But you have to know where to sell your pieces and how to do so to get your jewelry seen by people who might be interested. The following guide will show you how to sell your homemade pieces online, and hopefully, get you started in your new business. 

Get In The Marketplace Pool

The first thing you may want to consider is putting your work on a marketplace site, which is really just a centralized website that brings several sellers together so that buyers have a lot of items to choose from. But you need to do your best to find a marketplace that is both broad and somewhat specialized in what you are trying to sell. You should try to find a marketplace that concentrates on some of the following, depending on what type of jewelry you are attempting to sell:

  • Jewelry
  • Handmade or homemade jewelry
  • Gemstone or crystal jewelry

Selling in a focused marketplace should help make sure your items are seen by people who are interested in handmade pieces. 

Presentation Matters

You should also consider the pictures you take of your jewelry pieces. The pictures should be clear, vibrant, and true to life. You have to consider that the customer is not there to physically examine the piece that he or she is considering, and they must rely on the quality and the number of photographs that you display. 

The following are just a few things to consider that should help you take great pictures:

  • Invest in a high definition camera.
  • Use natural light or clear lighting to take your photographs.
  • Make sure the background is not distracting so the customer can focus on your jewelry piece.
  • Take pictures from several angles and as close as possible without blurring the photo.
  • Place coins next to your piece to show the relative size of your jewelry, even if you put measurements in the listing.
  • Consider hiring a professional photographer or solicit the help of a student photographer to save some money.

These are just some of the preliminary things you can consider when trying to sell jewelry online. But you can talk to a professional jewelry selling consultant from your marketplace site team for additional ideas. 

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